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Subject: RE: XLIFF Symposium

Lucia and Dimitra,

This looks very exciting. I will support this in any way I can. I will put this on the XLIFF meeting agenda so see if we can get some of these items acted upon.  Thank to the two of you, and Reinhard for making this happen.

- Bryan

From: Lucia.Morado [lucia.morado@ul.ie]
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 5:59 AM
To: xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [xliff] XLIFF Symposium

Dear TC members,

We would like to ask for your collaboration in the organisation of the 1st International XLIFF Symposium.
We welcome any suggestions, so please contact us if you have any idea on this matter.
Here are some points we would like to address:
1. Agree on the name of the event: “First International XLIFF Symposium”.
2. Establish a scientific committee who will be reviewing the papers and decide the main topic directions of the symposium. If you are interested in taking part of the scientific committee, please send us an email indicating your interest.
3. Decide the topic for the “call for papers”. Some proposals:

 1.  Present and future of XLIFF
 2.  Implementation of XLIFF in commercial tools
 3.  Relation with other standards
 4.  Case studies
 5.  XLIFF from the user point of view
 6.  XLIFF in OS projects
 7.  XLIFF 2.0
 8.  Authoring for XLIFF - OAXAL and internationalisation
 9.  Support for the process of translation through XLIFF
 10. Integration of terminology and translation memory into XLIFF
 11. XLIFF beyond description - representing action in digital products
 12. XLIFF-TMX-MLIF interaction

3. Keynote speaker. Maybe Bryan Schnabel (chair of the TC)?

Here is the schedule to organize the symposium:



Until 20th Feb.

Organise the scientific committee and decide the topics for the call for papers.

20th Feb to 28th Feb.

The webpage will be created and tested.

1st March

We launch the call for papers. The deadline for papers is 15th May.

15th May  to 1st July

Review of the proposals and preparation of the programme.

15th July

The final programme is announced. Final webpage is launched.

22nd September

The symposium takes place!

We would like to thank you in advance for your collaboration in this event.


Dimitra and Lucía

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