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Subject: RE: [xliff] Translating XLIFF 1.2

> Is the use of <seg-source> mandatory to 
> translate an XLIFF 1.2 file?

It cannot because <seg-source> is not a mandatory element.

The real question is: If there is a <seg-source> in a <trans-unit>, is it mandatory to use it to translate that <trans-unit>?

The answer to that is no: There is nothing in the specification that says you must translate an XLIFF document using the provided segmentation. The same way there is nothing that says a tool must use any provided <alt-trans>, or <context-group>, etc.

Now, if a tool wants to support the segmentation provided in an XLIFF 1.2 document, it certainly should use the information stored in <seg-source> because it is the specified way of representing segmentation in 1.2.

Note also that 1.2 is the first version where a model to represent segmentation is defined in XLIFF.


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