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Subject: Adieu!

Dear friends and colleagues:
After many, many years of working with you, the time has come to say farewell and good luck.  I have recently made a career change that further distances me from the localization/globalisation domain.  As a result,  it's neither practical for me personally nor helpful to the TC for me to continue contributing to the TC.  Bryan has been singlehandedly and very capably chairing the TC for over the past year, and I have the utmost confidence in his future leadership.
It's been a privilege and a pleasure to work with you.  I am very proud of what we've accomplished as a team, and proud to have contributed to the technical committee's excellent work. I'll certainly keep an eye on the TC's progress and your progress towards delivering XLIFF 2.0.
I hope we meet again either professionally or personally.  Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you use that service - I'd be delighted to stay in touch.
May the wind always be on your back!
Warm regards,

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