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Subject: [xliff] XLIFF Teleconference Minutes (March 2nd 2010)

Minutes for the XLIFF TC Meeting
Date:  Tuesday, 02 March 2010
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm ET

1/ Roll call

Present: Yves, Bryan, Christian, Magnus, Doug, Dimitra, Lucia, David. + Asgeir later.
Corum reached.

2/ Approve Tuesday, 16 February 2010 meeting minutes:
   Accept, reject, or amend.

Bryan moved to accept the minutes, Yves seconded. No-one opposed.

Bryan moved that the TC expresses gratitude to Tony for his work on the TC. Magnus seconded. No-one opposed.
Thank you Tony!

3/ Announcements
  1. Lucia and Dimitra announce the first XLIFF International Symposium
     TC to determine what we can do to help:

Bryan: Maybe changing name to "conference" would draw more people.
Lucia: Before the LRC conference, so maybe a issue with mixing "conference". Maybe "symposium" good enough for a start.
Dimitra: It's smaller than the LRC conference, we just need to find a good way to reflect that.
Bryan: Agrees that "symposium" is fine (and better than "workshop")
	Lot of positive feedback for supporting the gathering from the TC.
Lucia: Email will be sent to the people involved
	Then create the Web page, and announce it.
Bryan: Reminder: the symposium is in September (just before LRC conference)
Lucia: Scentific committee: So far Bryan, Yves, One Professor from University of Salamanca. Rodolfo cannot commit so far.
David: I volunteer too.
	We went through the list of topics. Only small reshuffling and cleaning.

  2. Dimitra released XLIFF questionnaire results

Bryan: XLIFF questionnaire.
Dimitra: Some answer from attendee to previous conference.
	Wrote a summary. Will post it if accepted.
	Important to look at comments: simplification is needed; some bad parsers;
	Some presentation on XLIFF meta-data later this year (will use the result of the questionnaire).
	List of meta-data not available but needed. Does the table make sense?
Bryan: We started to have discussion on the metadata/questionnaire.
	Any more feedback on questionnaire?

  3. Dimitra began formal work on XLIFF metadata recommendations for XLIFF 2.0 
     - Bryan and David have been given preliminary information. 

Bryan: Any comments on that work?
Christian: Could we see the table?
Dimitra: Sure, but very preliminary.
Lucia: Question: is there any tools that can use the finished XLIFF? E.g. for new project. Like re-using extra data stored there.
David: interchange format, so mostly that only. Storage is done elsewhere. XLIFF is just temporary medium.
Bryan: same for my company: just interchange. But some use XLIFF as storage, TM and more.
Yves: ICU uses it for resource, Adobe Flash (I think) can use it also as resource.
David: Andrzej Zydron may have more info on additional usage.

  4. Yves announced the Felix has a new version of his XLIFF/ITS tool available:

Bryan: See links to ITS2XLIFF (and back) in that email. Seems to work fine. Felix shared his XSLT template.
Looks good and useful.

4/ LISA/OSCAR proposal to re-establish a partnership in developing common text markup 
   is accepted by the XLIFF TC. Bryan to outline OASIS required next steps. 

Bryan: Had an action item to understand better the subcommittee process. 
David: confirm that Milan would join such subcommittee
Bryan: Resolution of creating the subcommittee must be minuted and show names of chair, and statement of purpose.
	Christian proposed to derive the statement from the wiki.
	We need a chair (Bryan has not enough time)
Yves: Volunteer to chair if no-one else wants the job.
David: Milan will participate. I can help for the statement of purpose.
Bryan: We need to create the committee.
	I move that we create a subcommittee for the purpose of developing common text markup with input from OSCAR.
	Magnus second it.
David: We have already such resolution no? So the original goals are very specific (based on the wiki).

Reference to previous resolution: "... Bryan and David proposed to have a ballot for endorsing the idea of working together with OSCAR in a subcommittee dedicated to work on inline markup for XLIFF and TMX based on the requirements gathered by the TC so far. The ballot passed unanimously."
In http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201002/msg00002.html

Bryan: Ok.
David: We can just named the chair. Last time the purpose was stated. 
Bryan: Resolution: done, Name of subcommittee: ?
David: Maybe we can add name in next meeting.
Bryan: Name is important otherwise hard to physically create it.
David: Inline Markup subcommittee
Yves: Sounds fine.
Bryan: Sound fine. But is it enough? Include also e.g. how source/target are linked.
Doug: Inline is in the sense of source text.
Bryan: Let's do this in email thread.
David: Maybe we can simply vote on the chair?
Magnus: I support this (and have to leave)
Bryan: Vote in favor to Yves chairing the "inline" subcommittee.
	Dimitra, Lucia, Doug, Magnus, David, Bryan, Yves, Asgeir: yes. No dissent.

9/ New Business

Bryan: any new business?

End of meeting.

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