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Subject: Inline Markup Subcommittee

Hi everyone,

Just a few notes to get the ball rolling for the new subcommittee on inline markup

As Bryan noted, the OASIS handbook says little about subcommittees:

2.14 TC Subcommittees

The TC may by Resolution create a subcommittee (SC). The Resolution must be minuted, and
must include the name, statement of purpose, list of deliverables, and name of the Chair
of the SC. All of these items must fall within the Charter of the TC and conform to OASIS

The deliverables of the SC are made only to the TC. Members of the SC must first be
Members of the TC. Observers of a TC may be Observers of a SC, but may not become SC
members without first becoming a Member of the TC. An SC member may resign from the SC and
remain a Member of the TC.

I certainly don't want to get us bogged down on procedural details, but it sounds like the
resolution itself needs to includes name, statement, deliverables and chair, to be valid.
So, I would propose to hammer down the remaining details by email and just re-issue one
resolution stating all the required entries when we have everything.

Name: Inline Markup Subcommittee (we'll need a path abbreviation, maybe: 'xliff-inline').

Statement of purpose (almost verbatim from the Feb-02 resolution): "The purpose of this
subcommittee is to come up an inline markup for XLIFF and TMX based on the requirements
gathered by the TC so far

And the part we are missing, the deliverables:
Maybe something like:

"The deliverables of this subcommittee is a written proposal for the XLIFF TC regarding
how to markup information within text content. The document will include
specification-like parts defining the element(s) and attribute(s) proposed. It may also
include some notes about processing expectations, and notes about correspondences with

Any thoughts?

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