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Subject: XLIFF TC Telelconference Minutes (Mar-16-2010)

XLIFF TC Teleconference  Minutes
Date:  Tuesday, 16 March 2010
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm ET
Agenda: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201003/msg00014.html

===== 1/ Roll call

Doug, Bryan, Lucia, Asgeir, Yves, Magnus, Rodolfo, Christian.

===== 2/ Approve Tuesday, 02 March 2010 meeting minutes:
   Accept, reject, or amend.

Magnus moves to approve the minutes.
Lucia seconds
No objections

===== 3/ Announcements
  1. Lucia officially announced the 1st International XLIFF Symposium:
     OASIS is interested in co-sponsoring.

Done end of last week.
Co-sponsoring interest since: OASIS.
Lucia: No contact from OASIS yet. Maybe other companies interested. We may want to have a $50 fee for the symposium.
Bryan: what would be the benefits?
Lucia: Some money for lunch and hotel. Gold/Silver/Etc depending of the money. Names in all material/proceedings.
Bryan: Ideas for an amount?
Lucia: Depends on the number of attendees. Maybe 1000 Euros per sponsor. Karl Kelly will manage the event.
Bryan: Link on the page maybe?
Lucia: We'll send a call for sponsors. But open to other ideas.
Bryan: Word of mouth also sometimes efficient. Do you have a list of names?
Lucia: Just the names LRC has. Can use help.
Rodolfo: Maybe the LRC conf could also extend their sponsorship to the Symposium.
BTW, Make sure to send email to xliff-users mailing list.
Bryan: Fee amount? Speakers to pay fee?
Lucia: Fee is to make sure people come. Money will be used for scholarship.

===== 2. Thanks to Rodolfo, Yves, and Asgeir for resolving the question about
     "wrong declaration of merged-trans attribute in xliff 1.2 xsds"

Bryan: User noticed the issue. Rodolfo answered.
Rodolfo: Doug fixed DTDs, they are accessible from Kavi.
Asgeir asked where was the new spec: Modified version of specification is also in Kavi.

===== 4/ XLIFF Inline text SC report (LISA/OSCAR proposal to re-establish a partnership 
   in developing common text markup)
  1. Yves proposed getting the ball rolling by fulfilling the OASIS requirements:

Bryan: Once this SC get to work, we will need to find a way to transition that part to SC and how to impact TC.
e.g. agenda item #7. Do we just hand off everything?
Yves: finish to define scope.
Rodolfo: SC charter will define the scope.
Bryan: Charter to be define at the TC level.
So two paths instead of one to make 2.0 progress.

Rodolfo: We need a schema too. A reduced one could be enough.
Asgeir: Yes, interested.

Bryan: inline for me means <b>-kind things. Is it the same for TMX?
Rodolfo: <trans-unit> is different from <tuv>
<source>/<target> are contain inline.
Christian: We did started to define terminology.

Yves: statement of purpose draft, (with changes from previous):

"The deliverables of this subcommittee is a written proposal for the XLIFF TC regarding
how to markup information within text content. The document will include
specification-like parts defining the element(s) and attribute(s) proposed, as well as
schema module(s). It may also include some notes about processing expectations, and 
notes about correspondences with TMX."

Christian: Explicit for XLIFF, what about TMX?
Rodolfo: we need someone from TMX joining the SC. S/he would keep a watch on the TMX side of things.
RELAX-NG is unofficial schema for TBX, official is still DTD.

Yves moved to create the SC.
Rodolfo: second
Roll call: All in favor.
Yves: Will send email for meeting time/day.
Bryan: careful with DITA conflicts.
Rodolfo: I'm in DITA, Bryan too.

===== 5/ XLIFF 1.2 Errata Status Update
  1. Rodolfo's report
  2. Steps are listed in wiki (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/)
  3. OASIS provided an SVN repository

Rodolfo: Still need to copy to SVN.
No diff yet. But doc in Kavi.
Bryan: need help?
Rodolfo: Members have to review first.
Bryan: several steps needed, we'll do them.
Christian: Idea of the timing?
Bryan: Not yet, depends on TC review. Once posted there are durations for each step set.
TC to vote on draft (no substantive changes), then 15 day public review, then ballot by TC.

====- 9/ New Business

Bryan: Next item, next time.
Any new business?

Christian: One question.
Trying to use W3C RDF in context of XLIFF. Anyone has worked on this?
Would be happy to exchange ideas.

Meeting adjourned.
April 6th is next meeting.

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