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Subject: RE: [xliff] XLIFF TC Telelconference Apr-6-2010 Minutes

Thank you for the correction Mary.

>> I said that membership is [a pre-requisite but] mere technicality 
>> [easily fulfilled and no need for organizing some unofficial-format-calls
>> to enable cooperation], since LISA are entitled to create any number 
>> of LISA users within OASIS infra, as a member organization..
>> I meant that Arle (or whoever is the primary user on behalf of LISA) 
>> can create OASIS user accounts for any LISA (OSCAR) people who would 
>> like to work *in* our [OASIS TC and] SC on LISA's behalf.

> This is incorrect. Any number of LISA employees may participate; however 
> if there are no employees (or only 1) then LISA may appoint someone 
> (one individual) to contribute on their behalf. Note that that person 
> would then be representing LISA and there may be membership agreement 
> concerns if that person is employed by another company. Scott McGrath 
> is the best person to talk to regarding such issues.

We will work with LISA's representative to see how this can be done. And contact Scott as needed.

Best regards,

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