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Subject: explanation/query on availability for a *replacement* meeting (RE:[xliff] XLIFF TC Informal Meeting Summary)

Hello TC members,

I've gotten the word from our OASIS Administrator that there was a server failure over the weekend. So when I set up the meeting over the weekend, KAVI did not send a notice to the members. I apologize that I did not notice the error until a few hours before the meeting (since it has worked perfectly for the several years I've been scheduling meeting, I did not think to check).

I ended up sending an impromptu meeting notice minutes (seconds?) before the meeting (the notes are reported by Yves).

Since we have not met since June 1, I was thinking of trying to schedule a *replacement* meeting next Tuesday (to take place after Yves' SC meeting). Please feel free to let me know if you think you would attend.



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From: Yves Savourel [mailto:ysavourel@translate.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2010 9:06 AM
To: xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [xliff] XLIFF TC Informal Meeting Summary

XLIFF TC Informal Meeting Summary
Date:  Tuesday, 06 July 2010

=== 1/ Roll call

Present: Lucia, Dimitra, Bryan, Yves, Christian

Meeting announcement did not go through.
So we may not have a quorum.

This meeting won't count as a "real" meeting (i.e. won't count toward lack of attendance) since we didn't have a proper notification.

General discussion then.

- KAVI is not working it seems.
- possibly we can re-schedule for next Tuesday? Starting at 7:30am PDT.
- Lucia/Yves: sounds good

- should we just try to focus on 2.0 instead of working also on 1.2 errata?
- conformance: we may need to adjust timing on this discussion. Some 2.0 changes may impact the conformance clauses.

- for errata: Lucia has not received data from Rodolfo (he's just too busy)
- Bryan will follow-up or discuss this next week.

=== Symposium

Lucia: 21 papers, currently being reviewed
Dimitra: maybe a panel in the afternoon, e.g. future of XLIFF, etc.
Yves: like that idea
Lucia: only one day: 21 presentations not possible.
Bryan: common theme: 1.2 too complex (Yves: and vague in some places)
 Discussion on how to make the 2.0 spec more nimble
 Maybe papers are on reality vs specs.

Dimitra: face-to-face TC meeting as well?
Bryan: would be good opportunity, I'm in favor.
 Maybe not at the same time as the symposium
 Possibly with dial-in option
 And encourage non-TC members to attend part of the session for input
Lucia: We'll try to set a preliminary program
Bryan: thanks again for all the preparation work.
Dimitra: many proposals, good.
 Maybe recoding could be possible, we'll see.

Dimitra: anyone has a mapping between XLIFF and RDF?
Christian: I have some RDF integrated into XLIFF
Dimitra: we'll talk.

Dimitra: MLIF - interested in XLIFF, how to find a way to collaborate?
 Maybe important as it's on an ISO track.
 Also some linguistic info in XLIFF would be good.
Yves: not really involved
Christian: Who is heading MLIF-ISO activities?

Bryan: there was some discussion about metadata. What is the status?
Dimitra: Meeting with David. Metadata is very big topic, maybe SC a solution, but need to wait for internal reason.
Christian: Dimitra has published an article in Multilingual (XLIFF and meta data)
Dimitra: sept/oct we will know more.
Lucia: will publish something in sept/oct (on re-use of the current metadata)
 SC: anyone interested? Yves: possibly, but not sure about time.
 Not sure if doable for 2.0
Christian: Speaking of workflows: I was often looking for usage scenarios for BPEL in the translation realm

Bryan: metadata is worthwhile topic, but not sure if I'll have time to attend.
 We need realistic timeframe for 2.0
Lucia: This year or next?
Bryan: work mechanism in place now, 4 approved, 11 proposed.
 Deadline is 3rd Tuesday of August for proposals of feature.
 Then we need to work on each feature
 More time than Aug->Nov
Yves: hard to work by teleconferences.
Maybe the face-to-face at the symposium could be a good time to make progress.
Lucia: 3-days meeting could be a possibility maybe?
Let's ask? Time/place? Suggestions?
Bryan: was thinking it was for expending the symposium F2F to more than a few hours.
Lucia: rooms are not an issue.
Bryan: other events too: LocWorld (Seattle), TC-World (Wiesbaden), etc.
 Question should be: more than a 1-day F2F and other F2F

-meeting closed-

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