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Subject: preparation for our Charter discussion



In hopes that we can most efficiently address our charter in our meeting tomorrow, I've gathered information about what OASIS requires in a charter (and I see our current charter is lacking in some areas, and is out of date in others, and seem unduly verbose in other areas).  I also gathered information about the difference between Charter clarifications vs. Rechartering.


If you're able, please take a look at the pertinent portions for the OASIS Charter information

(taken from here http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php), and then please take a look at our current charter,




2.2. TC Formation


. . .


(1) The Charter of the TC, which includes only the following items:


(1)(a) The name of the TC, such name not to have been previously used for an OASIS TC and not to include any trademarks or service marks not owned by OASIS. The proposed TC name is subject to TC Administrator approval and may not include any misleading or inappropriate names. The proposed name must specify any acronyms or abbreviations of the name that shall be used to refer to the TC.


(1)(b) A statement of purpose, including a definition of the problem to be solved.


(1)(c) The scope of the work of the TC, which must be germane to the mission of OASIS, and which includes a definition of what is and what is not the work of the TC, and how it can be determined when the work of the TC has been completed. The scope may reference a specific contribution of existing work as a starting point, but other contributions may be made by TC Members on or after the first meeting of the TC. Such other contributions shall be considered by the TC Members on an equal basis to improve the original starting point contribution.


(1)(d) A list of deliverables, with projected completion dates.


(1)(e) Specification of the IPR Mode under which the TC will operate.


(1)(f) The anticipated audience or users of the work.


(1)(g) The language in which the TC shall conduct business.


. . .


2.11 TC Charter Clarification


A TC may clarify its Charter only for the purpose of removing ambiguity or for narrowing the scope of the topic defined by the Charter. The TC may not broaden or otherwise change its scope of the topic of work. The list of deliverables may be expanded only if the new deliverables are within the scope of the topic.


. . .


2.12 TC Rechartering


A TC may be rechartered for purposes of expanding the scope of the TC. The TC shall retain the name of the predecessor, and all email lists and archives, web pages, etc. shall move from the predecessor TC to the rechartered TC. However, any Contributions made to the previous TC must be recontributed.



Please note that a special majority vote, facilitated by our OASIS administrator, is required for charter clarification, or for rechartering.






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