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Subject: XLIFF and ISO

Hi All,


Last week I attended the ISO TC 37 meeting in Dublin and the issue of translation standards which are developed in other organizations was raised. XLIFF and OASIS were mentioned in this discussion. ISO TC 37 would be very interested in XLIFF becoming an ISO standard as well as being an OASIS one. The XLIFF TC and OASIS would continue doing all they are doing in leading this development but ISO would add its name and support to XLIFF which would improve the adoption of the standard, particularly with organizations mandated to support ISO standards such as large organizations and governments. This is currently the situation with Unicode which is developed by the Unicode consortium and with TBX which is developed by LISA.


Today I exchanged emails with Mary McRae, Jamie Clark and Bryan about this. Everyone was enthusiastic

Mary stated that:

Yes, OASIS has several Standards which are also ISO (or other de jure standards authority) Standards. Please read the liaison policy for more details on what would be necessary to proceed - the requirements and procedure are spelled out there. The one thing that I'm not sure about is whether the XLIFF TC has ever held an Interop event; you would need to do that before you could request a ballot and make the request to the President.



Jamie stated:

We'd be delighted to see this happen.  The Liaison Policy rule about submissions requiring an open interop gives us a baseline for demonstrating, when we take an OASIS work out to one of the global de jure groups, that there's been some material testing and evidence of its use.

The Interops policy is here:



Bryan has agreed that this can be put on the agenda for the September 7th meeting. I also intend to attend meetings more regularly in the future. I would also be happy to be the liaison person between ISO TC 37 and the XLIFF TC.


Best regards,




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