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xliff message

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Subject: XLIFF "domains"

Dear all,
Thanks to input from all of you (eg. in the mail thread on the "Minimal element tree" cf. http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201008/msg00012.html) I have been able to develop some initial ideas for the strawman proposal that is meant to fuel the panel on "Modular and minimal XLIFF" (according to our discussion in the TC; cf. http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201008/msg00010.html).
One common theme that I spotted was the desire to discuss XLIFF in terms of domains - you could also call it by a different name such as "layer" - which may show up in XLIFF-related processes. In order to elaborate on this, I wonder if you could have a look at the following domains, and suggest additions, different wording etc. Of course, any other feedback is also most welcome.

Best regards,
1. Extraction/Filtering (including reverse ie. insertion/merging) 
2. Internationalization 
	a. Mark "not translation relevant" 
	b. Create note 
	c. .
3. Automated Linguistic Processing 
	a. Segmentation 
	b. Automatic TM Leveraging 
	c. Machine Translation 
	d. Terminology identification/extraction
	e. Automated linguistic checking (spelling, grammar, style, terminology)
4. Human Translation 
	a. Creation of target text 
	b. Display, creation or annotation of notes 
	c. Special operations (eg. cloning) 
	d. .
5. Localization 
	a. Adaptation of control viewports
	b. Adaptation of URLs
	c. .
6. Reviewing 
	a. Insertion of annotations 
	b. Display, creation or annotation of notes
	c. .
7. Inclusion of reviewing results 
8. Workflow Events 
	a. Status updates 
9. Tool-specific Events 
	a. Trigger rendering
10. Technical QA checks
	a. Missing "target" after translation
	b. ...

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