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Subject: XLIFF TC Telelconference Summary

XLIFF TC Teleconference Summary
Date:  Tuesday, 07 September 2010
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm ET

=== 1/ Roll call

Present: Asgeir, Yves, Bryan, Andrew, Lucia, Dimitra, Christian, Rodolfo, Peter, David
Regrets: Arle

=== 2/ Approve Tuesday, 17 August 2010 meeting minutes:

Bryan moves to accept the minutes
Asgeir seconds.
No dissent.

=== 3.1. Updates on the 1st International XLIFF Symposium

Program confirmed. All presenters confirmed.
Face-to-face: Day before the symposium, 6pm to 8pm

Bryan: 2 possible types of meeting:
a) PR-type meeting. But not ok with OASIS rules (it would be just a meeting, not a TC one)
b) close-doors official TC meeting.
Probably b) since it's before the symposium
Dimitra: advertised as for TC members for now
Concern to not have the input we would get after the symposium

Rodolfo: will we be able to join?
Dimitra: yes we should. Will try with Yves before.

Rodolfo: for presentations during the symposium?
Dimitra: yes I'll try with Rodolfo by email 

Bryan: can take time off the keynotes if needed.
We should be ok.

Dimitra: so we leave the times as it is.

Lucia: dinner: do we want a dinner after the symposium (~Euro25)?
Bryan: dinner is listed no?
Dimitra: we will need to have an extra registration for this.
We had "speed-dating" last conference.

Ok: so we will have the dinner.
Bryan: don't forget the spouses (or should it be business only?)
Dimitra: no, for all.

Lucia: proceedings. Options to make printed/digital
Bryan: both sound good.
Christian: will it be in addition to online proceedings?
Or do we have plan to make the proceedings available to all.
Dimitra: yes, PDF to download.

Lucia: will discuss with David about panel

Rodolfo: may be able to record the demo and panel?
Dimitra: we put them in YouTube

=== 3.2 Move our spec into Docbook

Bryan: I've started. No deliverable yet.

=== 4. XLIFF as an ISO standard (Peter)

Peter: 4-5 years ago Prof Buden approached Tony and I for this. No ready for this at the time.
Since LISA and ISO have worked together.
Got also member of the TC-37: understand better how it works now.
Issue of XLIFF as an ISO standard was raised.
Advantages: more credibility, more users.
All the work would be in the OASIS TC. ISO is not trying to "take over".

The way to do this:
- TC to agree
- Interoperability events (like XLIFF symposium)
- seems no issues from the OASIS side
- ISO side: need liaison between TC-37 and XLIFF TC. Kara is the chair of TC-37 and would like this done.
Peter would be happy to be that liaison.

Bryan: could you define what TC-37 is?
Peter: translation/terminology/etc. collection of committees for language-related "stuff".
4 sub-committees.

Bryan: ISO standards not free: any conflicts?
Peter: OAIS as already 2 standards that are ISO also. Same for TBX. One free not the other, both the same.
Rodolfo: yes, no problem (from LISA experience)
It's the same document content. Comply with one is complying with both. Difference in presentation/header only.

Bryan: any different conformance criteria?
Rodolfo: no, same conformance. Same document content, just the front page is different.

Peter: was it about conformance testing?
Clauses/content would be the same as Rodolfo noted.

Rodolfo: for what version? 1.2 or 2.0?
Peter: ISO would be willing to use only official OASIS, so either possibly.

Dimitra: may take years?
Peter: could be fast-tracked.
Rodolfo: TBX was on fast-track and took 1 year
Peter: should be faster now, but yes it could take a while. Could be faster than TBX.
Speed was an item the TC-37 noted.
Rodolfo: SRX is still on the fast track.

Bryan: we may want to consider the time lag and try for 2.0, otherwise 1.2 may become ISO std when 2.0 become OASIS std.

Lucia: What about MLIF?
Peter: MLIF is developed within ISO.
Note that 1.2 was long to get to std status in OASIS.
Std should be in-synch.
OASIS is not very fast either.

Bryan: agree.
XLIFF as ISO would be great. We just want to make sure to look at all the impacts.
So latest version would be better.

Rodolfo: we could say "XLIFF should be compliant with latest version of *OASIS* version"
Peter: it should be possible to fast-track, it's just validating the std, not developing it.

Rodolfo: was asking because of the errata.
Peter: may just be simpler to plan for 2.0
Interoperability event has to happen after the std is published as OASIS std.

Peter: anyone thing it may be negative?
None do.

Bryan: interoperability event: not sure about the impact.
Peter: neither am I

Bryan: so we need:
a) get the TC to agree, and b) the interoperability event.
Peter: and the liaison.

Bryan: can we do a vote today, or do we need more time?

Rodolfo: we can only vote on the work item, not what version, etc. (need more details)
Peter: that's fine for now.

Rodolfo: Call for a vote about accepting the possibility to have XLIFF as an ISO std.
Bryan: Seconds
Yes unanimous

David: what is the requirement for the interoperability event?
Peter: will look into it
Rodolfo: basically needs endorsement from OASIS members

Peter: I'll be at the symposium

=== XLIFF simplification/modularization:

Bryan: we'll discuss simplify model next meeting.
It would be great if you would provide additional help for preparing the panel on "Modular and minimal XLIFF" by commenting on:

Dimitra: suggest to answer that email.

- meeting adjourned.

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