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Subject: RE: [xliff] ULI and XLIFF TC Scope: Voting Action Required

Hi Helena,


Thank you for this very useful report. It sounds like you had a fruitful meeting.


Let's consider your request that members reply to your note by end of day EDT May 9 as a "straw poll" for now. I will be happy to initiate an official ballot on your behalf (compliant with all the necessary OASIS mechanics), if you'd like.


I think I have an idea of the specifics, but please send me the exact wording of the ballot you desire, in language along the lines of this mythical example: "Please respond with a 'yes', 'no' or 'abstain' vote to the following: 'The XLIFF TC shall begin all of its meetings with a reading of the charter'." Once we get the words straight, I'll kick off the ballot right away (including a clear duration).


I see no problem in completing this ballot before the next TC meeting.


Thanks for taking the initiative to sort out these important and relevant issues.


- Bryan


From: Helena S Chapman [mailto:hchapman@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2011 8:15 AM
To: xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [xliff] ULI and XLIFF TC Scope: Voting Action Required


Hi. Just had a call with Yves, Christian, David F, David W, Steven, Lucia, and Peter. I want to summarize the conversation. Essentially, we agreed that segmentation standards should be worked on within the new Unicode ULI TC:

        1. TR29 specifying the definition and types of textual segmentation rules that applies across the entire life cycle of content, not just during translation phase.

        2. SRX being the interchange standards for #1.

        3. CLDR to publish language specific segmentation behavior. Following the core/module concept, the specialty module would not be expected to be 100% interoperable. However, core should.

Additionally, we also discussed memory standards. The consensus is that though this is needed, we will not consider this be a focus area for the new Unicode TC except for the areas that intersect with segmentation. Helena proposed that memory standard is better off not be within the XLIFF TC but should be under OASIS. David F and Peter expressed though initially it may get started under XLIFF and then move off to a new TC under OASIS if there is enough engagement. This is up for discussion in the future.

Helena will be asking for the liaison membership between Unicode and OASIS to Scott McGrath and she will rep the Unicode side. Yves suggested that he is too busy to take this on. David F has volutneered to be the XLIFF rep to Unicode. Bryan, we need to vote on this and preferably if we can do so by email to save time on the meeting. I vote yes. Others please also respond by replying to this note by end of day EDT Tuesday May 9th of your preference.

The wider call for participation for the new ULI TC will go out next week.

Best regards,

Helena Shih Chapman
Globalization Technologies and Architecture
+1-720-396-6323 or T/L 938-6323
Waltham, Massachusetts

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