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Subject: RE: [xliff] Liaison report for TC 37

Hi Peter,

> I have written the attached report which I would 
> appreciate you looking at and coming back if there 
> is anything you disaprove of.

Thanks for sharing the report.

It seems some of the statements about what 2.0 will be are a bit premature:

"(XLIFF 2.0)... will add some new functionality. The approach being taken is that XLIFF 2.0 will be modular. Tool providers will not be able to create extensions which lead to different flavours of XLIFF. The tool providers have supplied the XLIFF TC with details of the extensions to XLIFF which they have developed and these will be incorporated into XLIFF 2.0 where appropriate."

For example I don't recall that we formally decided to not allow extensions in 2.0, or that we decided to incorporate new functionalities, or incorporate some specific tool extensions.

I'm not saying 2.0 will not be as you describe, but simply that we are still very much discussing all those aspects (except maybe the modularity approach). Maybe changing most of the "will" by "may" would be more accurate.


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