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Subject: Re: [xliff] A Burgeoning Initiative

Hi all,

I'd be happy to provide updates on this effort. 

To respond to Helenaís question about UBL, we spent about a month working with UBL before determining that it was actually not suitable for what we were doing. UBL worked on a different paradigm (it was aimed more at business transactions while we were looking at project metadata) and was extremely complex to implement. While the complexity is a one-time hit on the developer (subsequent users of a UBL-compliant format donít see that complexity), we found that the mismatch between our needs and the UBL model combined with the complexity of UBL were too great in the end. Alan Melby had a developer working on trying to create UBL-compliant schemas for the project metadata portion for about a month before we concluded that it was a dead-end for us. This accounts for some of the delay in becoming more public since the project was agreed upon on March 1 in Danvers, MA.

Finally, I second Yves' note: We would invite all parties interested in constructive dialogue on this topic to join the discussion there.



On Jun 24, 2011, at 09:53 , Helena S Chapman wrote:

Arle is also involved in that project, I believe. Initially, it was discussed to integrate whatever the results this "container" team would produce into OASIS' UBL TC. Not a clue if that's still the case. The original intent is to standardize on all the metadata associated with a content package as you described.

Not a priority for me but would be good to make sure we are aware what's going on there. Perhaps Arle can give us a periodic brief update?

From:        Yves Savourel <ysavourel@translate.com>
To:        <xliff@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date:        06/24/2011 02:30 AM
Subject:        [xliff] A Burgeoning Initiative

Hi everyone,

Several of you are already aware of this initiative, but I thought, since it is somewhat related to XLIFF, it would be useful to post the information on the XLIFF lists, so it may reach parties possibly interested in this line of collaboration.

The "Container project" and the "MED project" are exploring the possibility of working on a common container format. A package of sort that would group the different material one send when working on a "localization/translation" project (the MED project also includes authoring). For example: the documents to translate, the terminology, the TM, reference material, manifest, style guides, etc. This is also related to the type of work done at the "Interoperability Now project".

The initiative is driven by Manuel Tomas Carrasco Benitez and Alan Melby.

As Tomas said: "everybody is welcome: they just have to go to


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