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Subject: 02 Aug 2011 FW: [xliff] Groups - XLIFF TC Call minutes

Dear TC members,

Sorry for the delay in posting the minutes. Rodolfo had sent them directly to me. I enjoyed reading them, but did not notice that the list had not been included in distribution.

(Nice catch Yves)

- Bryan

-----Original Message-----
From: Rodolfo M. Raya [mailto:rmraya@maxprograms.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 9:06 AM
To: Schnabel, Bryan S
Subject: RE: [xliff] Groups - XLIFF TC Call minutes


1/ Roll call

Present: Arle, Rodolfo, Shirley, Steven, Tom, Bryan, Peter, Andrew, David F. and Lucía
Regrets: Christian, Yves, Helena

2/ Approve Tuesday, 02 August 2011 meeting minutes:

Bryan moves to accept, Andrew seconds. No objections.

3/ Sub Committee Reports
     - Inline text (Yves)

Yves sent an email with a summary of the Inline SC activity.        (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201108/msg00022.html)

     - XLIFF Promotion and Liaison SC Charter

David arranged for a meeting to happen immediately after current meeting. 
Having the previous minutes approved, Rodolfo will request the creation of the SC to OASIS officers. Today´s SC meeting will be informal.

David F. informed that ETSI related committee will start meeting on the 18th.

4/ Charter Draft (David F.)

a.	Helena's comment

Helena is absent; Yves sent comments too and is also absent. Discussion will continue in a later meeting.
David F. agrees that definitions need improvement.
David made changes to the charter, adding references to the wiki and added instructions for working with the wiki. Also set October 15 as initial deadline, November 17 as second deadline and more in 2012. Updated version was sent before the meeting.

5/ XLIFF 2.0 (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/XLIFF2.0/FeatureTracking)

  1. Yves updated his XLIFF 2.0 experimental extractor 
The updated program is available on the download page of Okapi (http://okapi.sourceforge.net/downloads.html) 

  2. XLIFF 2.0 Technical work

Some features for XLIFF 2.0 have new owners in the Wiki. Shirley asked about the meaning of taking ownership of a feature. Bryan explained the goals and plans for the wiki content.
David F. mentioned that the updated charter contains additional information about the process.
Steven agrees on the importance of having the procedure described in the working charter.

Bryan mentioned that working on features in top-down order is not mandatory.
Bryan remembered that having deadlines was considered previously and the decision was to work with completed features and release the specs when things were completed.

Bryan proposed to check the list of features under consideration.
-	Shirley and Rodolfo will work with feature 2.1 (change tracking). David proposes to use <alt-trans>
-	Document centric localization was considered. There was none interested in taking ownership. Steven mentioned that he would discuss it internally at IBM.
-	Native support for ITS. Rodolfo disagrees with this feature. Yves sent a message waring about ITS being Xpath. David mentioned that Christian evangelizes about ITS benefits. Peter asked about handling documents decorated with ITS and Rodolfo explained a way to generate XLIFF from them. Andrew agrees with Rodolfo. Discussion will continue when Christian is present.

6/ Current XLIFF business 

Peter made some comments about the 2nd XLIFF symposyum: 
-	The EU organizes a conference on Linport project the day before the Symposium, complicating attendance of interested parties.
-	Christian will not be able to attend and asked about doing the presentation remotely.
-	SDL is being supportive sending people to participate.
-	In the first symposyum a lot of synergy was gained. It would be difficult to achieve the same this year without the presence of TC members.
-	Bryan asked Peter to invite Microsoft staff to join the TC if possible.
-	OASIS is sponsoring the event.

Meeting adjourned. 

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