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Subject: RE: [xliff] Groups - Event "XLIFF TC Call" modified

XLIFF TC Call - Summary
Date: Tuesday, 20 September 2011

=== 1/ Roll call

Present: Yves, Rodolfo, David-W, Tom, Joachim Schurig (Lionbridge), Fredrik Estreen (Lionbridge too), Bryan, David-F

Regrets: Christian, Peter, Helena (possibly), Arle, Lucìa, Andrew

=== 2/ Approve Tuesday, 06 September 2011 meeting minutes:

No quorum.
-> Informal meeting.

=== 3/ Sub Committee Reports

--- 3.1/ Inline text (Yves)

Last meeting summary is here: 

- progress on sub-flows
- small progress on metadata

One discussion from this: what characters the id values should allow/restrict?
(we will have one attribute that would be a list of unit IDs, what separator should it use.
See http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201109/msg00033.html
-> xsd:NMTOKEN proposed by Rodolfo could be good candidate.

> Invalid XML Characters (optional discussion)
> (http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xliff/email/archives/201109/msg00015.html)

About resolved, for the non error-handling part.

About error handling: most in the meeting thought we shouldn't deal with it, just say that the whole document is invalid.
But this is something the TC has to decide since it the inline markup is just a small sub-set of the specification.

ACTION ITEM: Yves to add error handling to tracking page.
ACTION ITEM: Rodolfo to change cp hex value to invalid chars only in schema

--- 3.2/ XLIFF Promotion and Liaison SC Charter

David-F: SC met twice so far.
Last meeting was debrief of Linport work.

OASIS-ETSI cooperation

David-F: ETSI is the current owner of the OSCAR standards.
Note that ETSI IPR policy is FRAND
Exploring relationships with ETSI-ISG
Having XLIFF representative is not possible currently, need a member (from a company). Bryan fills that condition.
Then we could designate Bryan as XLIFF representative.
Note that ETSI work documents are not public
Bryan did not commit yet (but made progress)

Bryan: Any comments on Jamie Clark's note?
Rodolfo: don't see any important impact in our work.
David-F: so Bryan would be the representative
Will need whole TC approval.

Joachim: Note that I'm in the ETSI-ISG too
Bryan: very good.

TAUS latest efforts w/XLIFF

David-F: think we should wait until we see the result of the questionnaire.
They need to join the TC.
Klemens would be a good resource.

Bryan: agree TAUS should join the TC.

=== 4/ Charter Draft (David F.)


=== 5/ XLIFF 2.0 (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/XLIFF2.0/FeatureTracking)

Bryan summarized the current status of the tracking page.

--- 5.1/ Rodolfo has submitted XLIFF 2.0 work to SVN
a. Rules around contributing/editing

Rodolfo is maintaining the draft schema.

Rodolfo: ID values issue. (not in wiki yet)
Proposed NMTOKEN
Bryan: should get it in wiki.
My preference: NMTOKEN is too vague maybe.
Yves: fine with NMTOKEN

Note: didn't get email when Yves made schema change in SVN.
Bryan: OASIS update their CMS, maybe it's related.

Rodolfo: comments about TAUS' PDF.
They provide a classification already.
(e.g. inline codes are not core).
Bryan: TAUS document are just their opinion, not the TC's

David-F: proposal for moving feature includes flag for core or not.
Can't decide on it today because we don't have quorum.

Bryan: can decide after features are defined.
Or decide core vs module first

Rodolfo: consider inline codes are part of the core.
Yves: agreed
David-W, Bryan: +1

Rodolfo: SC for inline seem to outline its importance.
Could decide early for this type of features

David-F: some use just sub-set, some don't use them.
Rodolfo: this affects interoperability
Bryan: maybe should be decided per inline elements
David-F: that what I meant.
Maybe some there are advanced feature in inline elements

Rodolfo: think current draft has less element than before, all important.
Some like <cp> are vital and have to be supported

Bryan: need to shift to current business

ACTIOn ITEM: All to look at 
to decide on criteria.

David-F: this is not a feature, but part of work charter
Meaningful criteria may appear later.
I'd remove it from wiki and move it to work charter
Bryan: Dave and Christian will decide how to handle this (moving out or not from wiki)

=== 6/ Current XLIFF business

Bryan: Wish best to the people involved with the XLIFF symposium

P&L SC meeting after this meeting.
David-F: cancelled

- Adjourned

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