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Subject: Promotion & Liaison SC related agenda of TC

Hi all, I propose two Current Business points for the meeting today.

1) Decide on Sending Bryan as an ETSI ISG liaison
Pros: Early warning, In acordance with amended ETSI <-> OASIS MOU
Cons: Our liaison will be bound with ETSI confidentiality
Note: Our sending liaison does not construe endorsement, it is rather necessity in order to see what is happening to TMX.
Far Fetched Pro: Might detect opportunity for having an OASIS TC for further development of some OSCAR standards in collaboration with ETSI, i.e. with all rights.

2) Filter current business items and officially drop most of them to SC
Pros: More time for technical work, and that was the point of having SC
Cons: Lost direct visibility, Info only through SC minutes and reports, unless SC member

Thanks and regards

David Filip, Ph.D.
cellphone: +353-86-049-34-68
Please use david.filip@ul.ie for LRC business
www.davidf.org, http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidfatdavidf

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