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Subject: RE: [xliff] The Segmentation feature


If a <unit> must always contain at least one <segment> element, then it is always "segmented". Tools are allowed to re-segment by splitting the existing segment. For example, you may have a <unit> with a <segment> containing of a paragraph with several sentences and that would be a fragment "segmented" at paragraph level that a user or process may or may not wish to re-segment at sentence level later.

The "segmented" attribute shouldn't be there. Also, the "canJoinSegments" or "canSplitSegments" attributes shouldn't be there. If re-segmenting a <unit> is allowed in one case, it should be allowed in all cases.

My 2 cents,
Rodolfo M. Raya   <rmraya@maxprograms.com>
Maxprograms      http://www.maxprograms.com

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> Of Yves Savourel
> Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 5:37 PM
> To: xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [xliff] The Segmentation feature
> Hi everyone,
> Helena and I have worked on the segmentation feature those past days. We
> think we've reached a point where it's a good base for discussing it further
> with everyone.
> The page is here:
> http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/XLIFF2.0/Feature/Segmentation
> A few notes:
> - This is mostly a formalization of the ideas the TC discussed earlier this spring
> and summer. It fits what we have in the draft schema with a few possible
> additional items.
> - We've tried to have some processing expectations (there are noted with
> 'PE' for now).
> - The terms MUST, MUST NOT, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, and MAY when used
> in upper case, are used according their definitions in the RFC 2119.
> - The part about the target ordering option probably needs more
> explanations and examples. We'll try to work on that.
> The idea is to update the page as we build up a consensus, so it'll be a good
> base text to integrate in Rodolfo's draft specification when we reach that
> point.
> Please, speak up if you have any comments, use cases we didn't think about,
> etc.
> Cheers,
> -yves
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