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Subject: RE: [xliff] Event "XLIFF TC Call" - Summary

Hi Rodolfo,

> Swordfish analyzes the text to translate and renders 
> it using the BiDi algorithm from Unicode. The program 
> doesn't need a hint from the XLIFF markup to render 
> mixed text. 

So Swordfish uses Unicode bidi characters control for hints (like Trados and Lionbridge's editors). Sounds fine to me.

One follow up questions then (and not just for Rodolfo):

When extracting a text like this:

<p>The title says "<span dir="rtl">פעילות הבינאום, W3C</span>" in Hebrew.</p>

Where the "W3C, " part should be on the left side of the quoted text when editing/rendering properly. As shown in the screenshot attached.

How does Swordfish (or other tools) stores the original HTML codes and markup the text?
Do they store the <span> as like any other elements and just add U+202B and U+202C to the text? Something like this:

<source> The title says "<g id="1">[U+202B]פעילות הבינאום, W3C[U+202C]</g>" in Hebrew.</span>


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