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Subject: Re: [xliff] [xliff-inline] Representing information for the starting/ending/standalone parts

So does this mean we're looking at something more like the <itag> proposal Rodolfo and I made for TMX that used only a single tag that could optionally encapsulate content? If so, I can dust off the proposal we made then and see what loose change it has in its pockets that we can use ;-)

I’m not arguing to reuse it (unless it turns out to have been a work of stunning brilliance due to Rodolfo’s influence, which is entirely possible) but just to see what might have been useful in it.


On Oct 26, 2011, at 09:52 , Andrzej Zydron wrote:

Hi Bryan, Rudolfo and Arle,

I would like to carry this through also into TMX 2.0, which I will be working on in November. Then we will finally have a sane and secure way of handling inline coding between XLIFF and TMX.

Rodolfo's point is imminently correct: only <g> is absolutely necessary. I am still mulling over <x/>. What do the rest of the committee think?

Best Regards,

Andrzej Zydroń


XTM International

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