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Subject: RE: [xliff] Add optional format attribute for quick at-a-glance review

Hi Bryan,

> What if we put an optional attribute on XLIFF elements 
> that match HTML elements? It would enable a quick 
> "at-a-glance" HTML page to be created for review cycle.

a) Could/should this be related to the ‘disp’ attribute we currently have in inline markup?

b) I've noticed things like "<ph fs="strong">'72 Telecaster Thinline</ph>". I assume you meant "<pc fs="strong">'72 Telecaster Thinline</pc>". Is that correct?

c) How would <sc>/<ec> be handled? I assume <sc id='1' fs='b'/> and <ec rid='1' fs='b'/>. Is that correct?

d) This feature looks somewhat similar to the dx:equiv-markup-open and dx:equiv-markup-close defined in XLIFF:doc[1]. In your example the value of fs is only an HTML element name. Would there be any reason to use full HTML markup instead? (so you could possibly specify class names, etc.).


[1] http://interoperability-now.googlecode.com/files/XLIFFdoc%20Representation%20Guide.pdf

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