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Subject: RE: [xliff] Add optional format attribute for quick at-a-glance review

>> b) I've noticed things like "<ph fs="strong">'72 Telecaster
>> Thinline</ph>". I assume you meant "<pc fs="strong">'72
>> Telecaster Thinline</pc>". Is that correct?
> - no thought was given to proposed elements in the inline SC.
> I just picked an existing 1.2 inline element. 
> <ph> and <x> seemed okay; could have picked <mrk> or <g>.
> I would see this attribute going on any inline tag.

Got it. But then I still would like to be sure that you meant "<g fs="strong">'72 Telecaster Thinline</g>" as using <ph> should not enclose text content.

What I'm looking for is the re-assurance that using <ph> was a typo and not because you have a different understanding of <ph> than I do :)

Talk to you soon,

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