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Subject: Core vs. Module (was RE: [xliff] Segmentation as core or not)

Hi all,


I agree with David on the first part of his note. But I changed the subject line to focus on the second part of David's note (which I also tend to agree with).




In  my opinion, the XLIFF "core" elements should be the minimum set of elements which are required to extract the source text from the original file format in such a way that the source text can be replaced by the translated text in the original file, and the translated file will be usable by the product.  This would include:

1. Identify that the XML file contains XLIFF information.

2. Identify the source file from which the text was extracted and its attributes, like file name, source language, original file format, etc.

3. Identify each contiguous block of text based on the source file's formatting rules.

4. Identify non-translatable inline items which are imbedded in the text.

5. Identify text formatting requirements, like text on a single line, reflowable, maximum length, etc.


Any XLIFF elements or attributes which are needed for a specific application's use would be placed in a "module".






I think this is an important argument/discussion. My opinion is that we should try have a separate discussion on criteria for classifying any feature as Core vs. Module, as a first step, and then apply that criteria to each feature (and the above criteria from David might be what we decide on).


The other option is to try to decide, feature by feature, if it is core or module without established criteria. In other words, it would be entirely possible that we would have a conversation each time that goes something like this:


"I think feature N should be Core because a, b, and c."


(and then)


"And I base that on my opinion that in order to be core, a feature must be x, y, and z"


And I could see that each of us, might have a different x, y, and z. And we might even change our own x, y, and z from feature to feature.






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