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Subject: Questions from inline markup SC: crc and assoc

Hi everyone,

During our last inline markup sub-committee meeting we also discussed two attributes that exist in 1.2 inline codes: crc and assoc.

I got the action item to summarize our conclusion with the whole TC and see if there are any feedback:

=== crc: "Cyclic redundancy checking - A private value used to verify data as it is returned to the producer. The generation and verification of this number is tool-specific."

The outcome of the discussion was that crc is not really used. Mention was also made that without specifying a corresponding algorithm the information was not interchangeable.

The conclusion was to not have an equivalent in the 2.0 inline codes.
If there was a need to do round-trip from a 1.2 file, one could use some extension to carry it.

Question: does anyone know if crc is used in an existing tool?

=== assoc: "Association - Indicates the association of a <ph> with the text prior or after the inline element."

There is no discussion in the TC email archives about how assoc is to be used. Only that its availability is not consistent in 1.2 (e.g. <x/> doesn't have it).

We did not reach a conclusion for this attribute. No one in the SC uses it or know of its usage in other tools. Note also that if it has not been used in previous version, it could likely remain unused in 2.0.

For the history-minded people: assoc existed back in the very earliest draft of XLIFF (LIF) with the mention "(might delete)".

Its function could possibly be used with segmentation (But SRX makes has another mechanism to define where inline codes go).

Question: does anyone know if assoc is used in an existing tool?


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