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Subject: XLIFF Support in CAT Tools Questionnaire

Dear TC Members,

Following on my task to continue with Micah Bly's work on gathering information about XLIFF support in CAT tools, I have created an online questionnaire intended to be fill in only by tool developers (or the person responsible for XLIFF support in a specific CAT tool). 
Several people (TC and non TC members) have contributed to its design, I want to thank them all for their help and support.


The questionnaire will be opened until December 15. After that, the information obtained will be published in the XLIFF TC Wiki.

Please help me to distribute this information so it can get to as many tool representatives as possible.

Kind regards,


Lucía Morado Vázquez
Doctoral Researcher
CS2037, Localisation Research Centre,
CSIS Dept, University of Limerick
Tel: +353 61 2347 97

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