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Subject: Executive summary from 09Nov2011 Localisation Industry Standards Industry Specification Group (LIS_ISG) meeting

Hello TC,


The ETSI Industry Specification Group – Localization Industry Standards met earlier in November. Several XLIFF TC members were in attendance. I am the XLIFF liaison. I am authorized by the LIS_ISG to share this executive summary with you. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, please let me know if you have any feedback you'd like me to take to the LIS_ISG.



Executive Summary, Actions/Decisions


•     ISG LIS acting Chairman:         Janaina Wittner (WhP)

•     ISG LIS Secretary:                                      Arle Lommel (GALA)


The call for ISG LIS Chairman remains open


New Work Items

•     A new work item regarding email requests for translation services will be submitted at a future meeting by E2F (Michel LOPEZ and Arle LOMMEL).

•     A proposal for representing variable text will be submitted to the ISG LIS. (This proposal will be a new work item in another ETSI committee (TC HF) but the ISG LIS is invited to provide feedback.)


Current Work Items

•     GMX-V: A new version of the specification has been prepared that adds support for additional counts and for Asian (ideographic script) languages. This version should be discussed in the mailing list.

•     xml:tm: An updated version will be delivered in early 2012

•     TBX: There will be a TBX meeting in June 2012 in conjunction with ISO TC 37 meetings in Madrid. A plan will be submitted for liaison on the five-year review of TBX/ISO 30042 within TC 37 that will result in copublication with ETSI.

•     SRX: Work on updates to SRX is ongoing and ULI is working on a default repository of language-specific SRX rules to be submitted to the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR). An SRX meeting will be scheduled in March 2012.


Additional Actions

•     The ISG LIS is investigating dates and times for an interoperability Plugtest in 2012, possibly in conjunction with a Localization World event.



•     The XLIFF committee is working on an independent namespace for inline markup that should be coordinated with the work on TMX 2.0. The group desires closer collaboration with the ISG.

•     ULI is working on a proposal for a segmentation marker for use in plain text environments and on establishing default segmentation rules in SRX format for inclusion in CLDR.



Next Meeting

•     The next LIS ISG plenary meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 29, pending confirmation by members and participants.





Bryan Schnabel
Content Management Architect
Phone: 503.627.5282

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