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Subject: Call for DITA-XLIFF Roundtrip plugin testers

(sorry for the extra email - included a subject line this time)



If you've been following the DITA Adoption TC thread on translation of DITA
projects, you might be familiar with the talk of using XLIFF. I've created a
DITA-XLIFF Roundtrip plugin for the DITA OT. If you would like to help me by
testing the beta version before I release it on December 15, I would be most
grateful. If you'd like to test, please reply privately and I will get you

Here's my (hoped for) schedule:

(1) Call for testers - ends 01 December
(2) Feedback from testers - ends 08 December
(3) Incorporate feedback and release v1 - ends 15 December

(3) depends on what we find in (2). I hope it will be manageable and that I can
release on time.


Bryan Schnabel
Content Management Architect
Phone: 503.627.5282

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