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Subject: SC feedback: Uniqueness of attribute names

Hi everyone,

During the last inline SC meeting we talked about uniqueness of attribute names.

Version 1.2 had, most of the time, attributes with different names when their value/semantics were different. For example we have <ph ctype> and <mrk mtype>, not <ph type> and <mrk type>. both represent 'type' information but with different descriptions and possible values.

There was a consensus in the SC that it would be more in line with common practices to use simpler names even when they have different definitions and let the context (the element) mak the distinction. One example was HTML5 where 'options' has different values/definitions depending in which element is it.

The SC felt that this needs to be decided soon by the TC, as even if names don't need to be finalized yet, this impact how the specification document is constructed.


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