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Subject: Re: call with Interoperability Now!

Thanks, everyone.  So far, it looks like the only slot that everyone can make is next Monday, January 23, at 8AM Pacific time.  I'd like to give people a little longer to respond, but since Monday is just a few days away, I think we should tentatively make this the time.  David, can you set up the meeting, so we are prepared to send out a final announcement before the weekend?


On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 12:40 PM, Andrew Pimlott <andrew@spartanconsultinginc.com> wrote:
Since there have been no objections and many people are interested, I'd like to find a time for this meeting.  I thought I would try using Doodle, a free on-line scheduler.

Since there are a lot of people involved, it may be hard to find an agreeable time.  So I have put a lot of options in the Doodle: every day in the next two calendar weeks (Jan 23 - 27, Jan 30 - Feb 3) at 7am, 8am, and 9am Pacific time (for 1 hour), excluding the following events on the XLIFF and Interoperability Now! calendars:

Tue, Jan 24, 7am - XLIFF Inline Subcommittee meeting
Tue, Jan 31, 8am - XLIFF TC meeting

Fri, Jan 27, 7am - Interoperability Now! meeting
Fri, Jan 27, 8am - Interoperability Now! meeting
Fri, Feb 3, 7am - Interoperability Now! meeting

Let me know if there are other big conflicts and I will remove them.

If you are available most times, I suggest you start by clicking the "Autofill" button, which will answer "Yes" for every time slot.  (Except Feb 2, since Doodle seems to assume we all celebrate Groundhog Day.)  They you can change some slots to "No" or "(Yes)", which means yes-but-not-preferred.

Once we agree on a time, David will arrange the meeting under the Promotion and Liaison Subcommittee banner.


On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 12:50 PM, Andrew Pimlott <andrew@spartanconsultinginc.com> wrote:

The Interoperability Now! (interoperability-now.org) team would be happy to have a call with members of the XLIFF TC, in order to present their work on XLIFF:doc and discuss how it may relate to our work on XLIFF 2.0.  This would be an informal meeting, with no relation to official TC processes.

If we agree, the plan would be to arrange the meeting through the normal OASIS infrastructure (KAVI), in order to have a record of the event.  This might be arranged through the Promotion and Liaison Subcommittee rather than the XLIFF TC (to be decided).

OASIS representatives Chet Ensign and Jamie Clark have indicated that this is an acceptable procedure.

Any concerns with this plan?


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