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Subject: Experimental XLIFF 2.0 library/tool updated


I've update the Okapi experimental Java library for our current XLIFF 2.0 draft. It should reflect the latest schema now (e.g. srcLang in <xliff> instead of <file>, etc.)

A small command-line program that uses the library is also provided.

That tool allows you to read an XLIFF document and show its content. It can also, optionally, re-write the same document with various options.

You can download all that here:

I've worked only on implementing the core for now (so it doesn't 'see' glossary entries for example). The documentation for the library's API will come later.

Note that you can also create XLIFF 2.0 experimental files from various file formats using the Rainbow extraction utility. See http://www.opentag.com/okapi/wiki/index.php?title=Rainbow_TKit_-_XLIFF_2.0 for details (no merging back available yet).

The source code for all that is open-source (LGPL) and available from the Okapi project: http://code.google.com/p/okapi/


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