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Subject: A good way to move items to approved/rejected?

I kind of like the precedence Yves (and I, imitating him with my styling proposal) is establishing.


By moving for approval of proposed XLIFF 2.0 features on the TC list, and having somebody second, we can hope for good dialog between meetings. We could be that much further ahead by the time the meeting takes place. Maybe we could even hold an official online ballot (in cases where the thread does not indicate a need for meeting discussion).


What if we set up a set of guidelines that went something like this:


1) if a formal request for approval is made on the TC list and seconded X days before the next meeting, and 2) if after Y days it does not receive contrary commentary, 3) the chair shall establish an official online ballot that will last for Z days to pass, reject, or abstain the proposed feature.


The key would be to make sure we don't cut off meaningful discussion. I think the tricky thing might be to make an objective judgment of whether or not 2) is demonstrated.


I'm happy to hear other opinions.



- Bryan



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