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Subject: The Dublin Option

Hi all,

{ I'm CCing the TC list just FYI, as Bryan noted it may be of interest for all. }

It sounds like the title of a spy novel, but it's just what seems to be our best chance for an Inline Markup SC face-to-face meeting.

With a few new or up-coming SC members there are now more chances that more people make it if the meeting is in Europe.

I talked to several of you off-line and it seems Dublin on June 13 and 14 would be the best place and time:

- We'll have a few SC members based in Dublin,
- David, Arle, myself are likely to be already there for an LT-web meeting,
- There are some chances that Bryan may be able to join (crossing my fingers)
- Dublin is easier on a budget than Boulder for others Europeans

This would leave a few US-based members in limbo, and I apologies for that, but we have to go with what is easier on most.

There are a few details to finalize:

a) the location: I will work on this in the coming days, but if you want to host it feel free to contact me as soon as possible.

b) the duration: I hope we could meet for 2 full days.

I will send shortly a poll to the SC members to see who can/may/cannot make it and for which days. It's nothing official, just a way for me to gather the information.


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