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Subject: translate and xml:space

Hi all,

While working on the library for the toolkit I've run into a few questions.
I'm posting on the main TC list because it's affecting more than the inline content.

--- translate

Currently we have a translate attribute in <unit>. We also have an <mrk translate='yes/no'> possible in the inline content.

We need to specify the behavior for the case like:

<unit id='1' translate='no'>
  <source>textA <mrk translate='yes'>textB</mrk></source>

Logically I assume the user agent needs to translate 'textB'.
Is that the behavior we all agree on?

Note that in 1.2 the translate='no' attribute in trans-unit has been used to "lock" the <trans-unit>. Since there was no relationship described between translate='yes/no' and protected='yes/no' that was not incorrect.
So my other question is: Do we need another attribute in 2.0's <unit> that would "lock" the unit in read-only mode regardless of its translate status?

--- xml:space

Currently we have xml:space on <source>/<target>. There are cases like this:

<para>Text <span xml:space='preserve'>[  ]</span></para>

That are not currently catered for. I assume we would need to allow xml:space in ,mrk> as well then.
Is that something we should do?

Any feedback welcome,

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