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Subject: Request for samples

Hi everyone,

To help the Inline Markup SC to test the XLIFF 2.0 inline elements we are working on, I'd like to gather a set of real-life examples.

- The sample can be anything: snippets of original format, descriptions of use cases, etc. all focused on inline markup (including bidi, annotations vs codes, etc.), the trickier the better. The examples can also include cases after translation (e.g. codes needed to be split, added, removed, etc).

- They should be useable publicly (like anything we use). 

- You can send them directly to me, or the lists. I'll gather and organize them.

The idea is to:

a) use those examples to see how our current markup can handle them, and to identify problems or things we are missing. I hope we can use to feed some of our discussion during the face-to-face.

b) provide a set of examples for implementers later on. They'll have original code and the corresponding "ideal" mapping (or mappings) to XLIFF we ended up agreeing on. 


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