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Subject: [xliff] Proposal for ballots on: Extensibility in XLIFF 2.0

Hi All,


as discussed earlier in the week I propose two ballots to decide the overall direction for third party extensibility of XLIFF 2.0. I’m looking for a second of these proposed votes.


First ballot:

Shall we allow any third party extensions in XLIFF 2.0?

* 'Yes' for extensibility by some means

* 'No' for no extensibility at all

* 'Abstain' for need of more discussion


Second ballot to be held only if the result of the first was ‘Yes’:

What general method(s) do we want to allow for third party extensions?

* 'Elements' for extensibility by elements and attributes defined in the XLIFF specification. An example of this method is the proposed <metaHolder> feature.

* 'Namespaces' for extensibility by allowing third party namespaces at defined locations in the XLIFF documents. As we do in XLIFF 1.2 possibly with additional requirements for conformance and processing expectations.

* 'Elements and Namespaces’ to use both of the above methods to facilitate extensibility.

* 'Abstain' for need of more discussion


Once we have decided if and how we want extensibility we can proceed to work out the technical details.



Fredrik Estreen

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