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Subject: XLIFF namespace design - Was: [xliff] matches as a module


I started to wonder if it would be appropriate to have a general discussion on schema requirements, and namespace design for the XLIFF schemas. 

At the current point in time, I would assume that we would need to discuss at least the following requirements:

1. Coverage for a "core" schema - covering the XLIFF "core" ratified by the XLIFF TC
2. Coverage for one or more "satellite" schemas - covering one or more XLIFF "modules" ratified by the XLIFF TC
3. Ability to "use" existing namespaces (such as the one containing xml:lang) in 1. and 2.
4. Ability to compose the "core" schema from smaller pieces - e.g. if we decide to have the generic inline markup as a standalone schema so that it can be easily reused in many contexts
5. Ability to reuse parts or complete schemas ratified by the XLIFF TC in many other contexts

After a first discussion of these requirements, we would need to match our results against the best practices involving homogeneous, heterogenous, and chameleon namespace design (see for example http://www.xfront.com/ZeroOneOrManyNamespaces.html).

I am unsure that we should mix a discussion on the use of catalogues in here. My feeling is that a statement like "You can only work with the XLIFF schemas when you have catalogue support, and design your catalogue in a certain way" will sound pretty strange to some ears.


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Subject: RE: [xliff] matches as a module

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> Subject: RE: [xliff] matches as a module
> Hi All,
> I believe that the circular references are legal in XML Schema. To test this I
> built a small infinite recursion test where you can alternate between
> namespaces. I also included the "xml" namespace and lang attribute to make
> sure that can be used from both schemas and namespaces at the same time.
> You need to properly set up catalogs or have tools that have their own
> catalogs for this to work well.


I did a test before and even committed to SVN a version of the schemas that had <matches> as a module. It partially worked well with a catalog but when I tested different scenarios there were some problems and I moved things back to their original design.

I prefer to have <matches> as a module and use a catalog (we already have a catalog in SVN for handling the glossary module).

Rodolfo M. Raya       rmraya@maxprograms.com
Maxprograms       http://www.maxprograms.com

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