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Subject: RE: [xliff] Metadata extensibility with metaHolder

Hi Bryan,

> The attributes you show on your <ms:xxx> elements
> (as you have them marked up) are in the ms namespace
> (actually they are in no namespace, but that's a 
> tricky concept). However, I think your intent is 
> that they would be in the XLIFF namespace.

No, my intent was to show how Kevin's user data could be coded in a custom namespace (and compare that to metaHolder).

<unit id='1'>
  <source>Some text</source>
  <ms:winLocMetadata xmlns:ms="kevinWinLocNamespace">
   <ms:reviewComments path="data/comments" provider="MicrosoftLocABC">comments.csv</ms:reviewComments>
   <ms:regex key="rule001" provider="MicrosoftLocABC">m/(\d+)/)</ms:regex>
   <ms:foo provider="MicrosoftLocABC">bar</ms:foo>
   <ms:age provider="MicrosoftLocABC">35</ms:age>
   <ms:locBusinessData type="Microsoft-WinLoc:locData" provider="MicrosoftLocABC">en-GB;string;Hello;1437</ms:locBusinessData>

No XLIFF element/attribute is involved inside <ms:winLocMetadata>.

> If in your example your intent is that the 'path',
> 'provider', etc. attributes are *not* in the XLIFF namespace,

Yes, that was my intent.

> ...it is even more problematic. This would require the ms schema
> to actually have the those attributes in its content models 
> (i.e., ms:path, ms:provider, etc.).

Indeed, and that's the whole point of having a custom namespace: Kevin would have complete control of the elements and attributes in his extension. That's not "worst" that's "much better".

(And you don't want to use "ms:path", inside <ms:reviewComments> attributes without prefix are in the scope of the "ms" namespace).

I hope that clarify the example.


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