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Subject: Source read only or modifiable?



I started a thread some time ago about making source read-only or not and would like to revisit the topic.


In the last meeting we had some kind of agreement on considering that segmentation does not change source text. Segmentation only distributes source text in one or more segments without altering it.


We also agreed that replacing span-like inline tags with equivalents in the form of start/end markers may not constitute a modification of source text as long as the replacing operation doesn’t lose data.


If we consider source text as read-only in the specification, the two operations mentioned above can be declared as allowed in the relevant processing expectation section.


Keeping in mind that segmentation and certain tag replacements are not to be considered modifications of source, should we consider source text read-only or should we allow modifications during the translation process?




Rodolfo M. Raya       rmraya@maxprograms.com



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