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Subject: RE: [xliff] Proposal for a <group> element

Hi Rodolfo, David, Bryan, all,

> What do you really want to achieve with your new 
> feature: group translatable elements or indicate 
> levels in a hierarchy?


Here is the text of the wiki that may help:

"Data extracted into an XLIFF document are often from formats with some sort of structure: for example document with sections and tables, resource files with dialog boxes, menus, etc."
It is important to provide in XLIFF a way to map such structures in a common way, so tools can provide more efficient support for structure-related features, for example verifying shortcut keys in a menu."

So "grouping" is in a very general sense here. This is about allowing to structure the XLIFF document by specifying groups.

The example such as dialog box, menu, table, etc. are cases where you can have a single item and still need to be treated as a group (for example to check hot-keys).

The description: "Grouping element." Is probably too generic. "Provides a way to organize units into a structured hierarchy." May be more clear.


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