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Subject: Y22 - Translation proposals

I had the action item to look at the item Y22 and report on its state.

=== a) id definition

 The specification lists id as an optional attribute, but does not define it in the attribute section of the module, instead it points to the general id section.

=== b) score/similarity/quality

- based on the notes in the wiki and the discussion we had a long while ago, I think we are not settled yet on what the score/similarity/quality attribute should be named and what it should represent.
See for example: http://markmail.org/message/iuchpu5isa7vxexo?q=similarity+list:org%2Eoasis-open%2Elists%2Exliff

I think the situation can be summarized as: there are three types of information:

- how similar the source of the match is compared to the source of the searched text

- how good the quality of the candidate translation is

- some kind of score/ranking value that may take into account the two values above and possibly others to provide a value that can be used for ordering the matches as to present the best first.

The discussions seem to indicate that not all users use the same information. The question is: should we provide an attribute for each, or just one or two? Id so, which one.

=== c) type of match

It seems there is a need to define also what kind of match the match is: MT, id-based match, in-context match, etc. If people think this is something we should have, I can try to come up with an initiallist.


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