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Subject: FS attribute

Hi Bryan, all,

I was trying to use the fs attribute in the toolkit and the more I look at it the more it look not useable the way it is defined.

I'm not against the feature at all, but I just think it doesn't work the way it is currently.

For example, the illustration with the XSLT template in the specification (aside being invalid because it misses the xsl:template root element) generates an HTML document without encoding information, so ISO-8859-1 by default (HTML4) and therefore not working in many cases.

Generating a proper HTML would require more work on the conversion side, or more information in the fs values themselves: Either the fs content should be able to generate a fully valid/working HTML from its values only, or we need expectations on what XLIFF element can be mapped too and limit the fs values to a sub-set of elements.


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