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Subject: RE: [xliff] Locked vs translate

> So, for a computer that doesn't understand semantics 
> expressed in English, "locked" and "no" are exactly 
> the same. That's redundant.
> There must be a practical difference between "locked" 
> and "no". Two values with the same meaning (must not 
> translate) are a bad idea.

The two values have different meanings:

- no = it is not translatable 
- locked = it is translatable but currently locked

The two values may trigger the same action or different ones depending on what the program is doing.

For example:

- If the program is looking at modifying the content: same action -> do not change.

- If the program is creating some word count report: different actions -> entries with 'locked' are counted as translatable but locked, the ones with 'no' is counted as not translatable.

- If the program is performing QA: possibly different actions -> entries with 'locked' are verified, but not the ones with 'no',

I'm sure Fredrik and other have other examples like this.


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