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Subject: ETSI ISG LIS Invitation for LocWorld Info Session

Dear XLIFF TC members,


please find below an invitation from the ETSI ISG LIS to an information session at LocWorld Seattle next week. As we are all working on the same construction place (creating interoperability for the localization industry) and have to make sure our standards work together (e.g. XLIFF 2.0 and TMX) you might want to consider joining the session, or even better, the specification group.


Hope to see you in Seattle,

And please forward the invitation to whoever you might find appropriate

Thanks a lot,





Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the ETSI ISG LIS, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute group on Localization Standards, I would like to invite you to our Localization World Seattle Information Session on Localization Standards, from 11:00 to 12:00 on Thursday, October 18th in the Olympic Suite at Bell Harbor Conference Center.


Why Standards


Standards build the foundation of any mature industry. For the localization world, the former LISA standards have been something like a light house, adding structure and direction to a developing ecosystem of tools and workflows. TMX and SRX, the TM exchange and segmentation rules exchange standards, today help making interoperability of TM data across systems a breeze, and all of you are possibly profiting from their existence any other day. With GMX-v exists a standard to unify word counting across tools (and you all know how important this is).  There’s still the lesser known standards TBX and xml:tm, where TBX spans the bridge from the localization industry into the world of bibliography and academic terminology – which is co-edited with ISO, the world’s standard organization, and a basis for terminology work done in government and academic institutions around the world (and in ISO itself). xml:tm says it all by the name.


Why You Are Important


Standards age, and need to be well maintained and adapted to an ever changing world, and also good standards as the former LISA standards can be made better. Now that LISA is defunct, ETSI has officially taken over these important standards. We are a group of industry stakeholders and individuals that organize with the help of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (which among others brought you many of the mobile phone standards in use these days), and we would like to invite everyone of you to participate in our group, whether it is discussion of the technical details, promoting the results, or by adding new requirements which had not been covered today.


Please consider to announce your participation with this doodle poll: http://www.doodle.com/pizhm852fkugt7hf


Thanks a lot for your interest – we look forward to meeting you in Seattle!


Joachim Schurig,


Senior Technical Director

Lionbridge Fellow


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