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Subject: Translation state (Y8)

Hi all,

With regards to indicating the state of a given translation. During the face-to-face meeting in Redmond, the group came up with a consensus. Which was the following:

-1) the translation state would be moved to the <segment> element (rather than set in <target>)

-2) the translation state would be composed of two attributes:

- A 'state' attribute that indicates a top-level state through the following values: initial, translated, reviewed, and final.

A 'subState' attribute that indicates a user-defined sub-state within the current state. The state attribute is required to be set if subState is specified. The value for subState is a QName-like value: <prefix>:<value> where <prefix> represent the "authority" (e.g. company, standard, etc.) that defines the values, and <value> the value.

I think there are two things we have not defined (at least there is no record of it):

- a) Does 'state' have a default? If yes, what is it?

(I would say, yes it should have a default, and that should probably be 'initial'. Or if we don't agree on a default, maybe we can just make state required? The idea is that we should make sure we always have a state)

- b) What about the 'approved' attribute? It seems to be somewhat overlapping the functionality of the state and both are now in the <segment> element.

(I would think we drop approved as 'approved='yes' is the same as state='final'?)


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