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Subject: Type values for the match element (Y22)

Hi all,

I think a few of the proposed values for the type attribute of the match element should be changed:

We have:

am - Assembled Match
ebm - Example-based Machine Translation
ibm - ID-based Match
ice - In-Context Exact Match
mt - Machine Translation
tm - Translation Memory Match

- a) It seem to me that 'ebm' should be removed: Knowing the kind of MT system produced the candidate is not the purpose here, or if it is then we should also have values for rule-based MT, hybrid-MT, etc. IMO 'mt' is enough. If some specific information is needed about the type of MT that should be a different attribute.
I propose to remove 'ebm'.

- b) I think 'ice' (In-Context Exact Match) gives too much information: the fact that a match is exact should be provided by the 'similarity' attribute. You can have in-context match that are not exact.
I propose to change 'ice' to 'icm' and the definition to "In-Context Match". We should also probably expand a bit the definitions, for example a new comer may have hard time understanding what 'context' means here.


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