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Subject: original ID for unit

Hi all,

While going through the review of the latest XLIFF draft to map the ITS metadata, it was found that the equivalent of the 1.2 resname attribute does not exists in 2.0.

This information has been used quite a lot in 1.2, for example for ID-based matching, comparison, context information etc. This is especially useful when working with software resources. It would make sense in my opinion to have it also in 2.0.

I propose to have an optional 'name' attribute of type string in the <unit> element:

Attribute name: name

Definition: The original identifier of the resource corresponding to the extracted <unit>. For example: the key in the key/value pair in a Java properties file, the ID of a string in a Windows string table, the index value of an entry in a database table, etc.


<unit id='23' name='ID_CANCEL'>

Note that IMO this is not a new feature, just a correction of something missing in unit.


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