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Subject: RE: [xliff] 1.2 to 2.0 Gaps and Proposals

> ... A related issue occurred in the discussion between Yves and myself before TC
> made the decision on general PRs. Yves thought that it was absurd that only module 
> implementers can remove module, I argued that this is exactly what we wanted to 
> achieve and this is what prevailed in the ballot.

And on that note David: Following that logic, since none of the modules has currently any PR stating a tool implementing the module can remove the element, technically, once added a module element cannot be removed ...ever. Even by the tool that placed it there.

That's the problem with "MUST preserve" at the default level: It forces you to define module-specific PRs where you can't possibly think about everything. That results in default PRs that are simply impossible to enforce.

But it's ok, I'm past spending time discussing it.
Have a good week-end,

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