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Subject: Call for XLIFF 2.0 Editor(s)



As we mentioned in the meeting today, sadly, Rodolfo is resigning from his role as XLIFF 2.0 editor. I wish to personally express my gratitude for the amazing work he’s done.


As it stands I will be the acting editor until we find a qualified new editor. I assume Yves will continue to be the Inline Text spec and schema editor.


The duties of the XLIFF 2.0 editor fall into two categories, and could be filled by separate people.


1.       Specification editor: needs to collate, edit, and compile DocBook files into the XLIFF 2.0 specification. This includes a version for core, and for modules. This will start with the unofficial editor draft (currently posted on the wiki), with the official committee draft as the next step, and ending up as the full OASIS specification.

2.       XML Schema editor: needs to be proficient in XML and XML Schema. Duties include taking over ownership of the current editor draft, merging core, inline text, and core, and managing the XLIFF namespaces.


I might be leaving some details out, but this is the general direction.


Please contact me if you are interested in either role, the sooner the better. General questions are quite welcome.





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