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Subject: Renewed call for XLIFF 2.0 Schema Editor and Specification Editor

Hi all,


If you would like to volunteer, please make your wishes known to me as soon as possible. And please don’t worry if you think others might volunteer for the same position. We can work it out.


Worth noting, the Specification editor will need to be able to work with the Docbook files (generating OASIS compliant PDF and HTML), and should have a good grasp of XLIFF. We can train you on the Docbook stuff. The Schema editor will need to be able to edit and maintain XML Schemas, and will need to code the elements and attributes as they are specified.


Also worth noting, editors will me made officers, and will receive the title of XLIFF TC Secretary, and this will be attributed on the XLIFF 2.0 specifications. Rodolfo will also keep his position of XLIFF TC Secretary for as long as he is willing and able - with my immense gratitude.


As noted in an earlier thread, timing is critical. The longer I have to act as editor, the more at risk our committee draft date becomes.


Please let me know if you are qualified and motivated to fill either of these roles, as soon as possible.




Bryan Schnabel
Content Management Architect
Phone: 503.627.5282

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